Zobele Instrument (Shenzhen), started its activities in China in early 2002 and it belongs to KDC/ONE Group, be honored as the top-100 enterprise of 5 types in Bao’an district from 2014 till now.
Zobele Instrument Shenzhen (ZIS), is dedicated to manufacturing of devices and liquid refills for home and car air fresheners, mosquito repellents, as well as personal care:
? Current total Manufacturing area:35,000 sqm
? More than 850 different Finished Products (SKUs)
? Total Capacity: 360 MM pcs/year.
We employ around 2000 skilled workers that are supported by our 300 senior professionals and Managers, in order to continuously deliver high quality products to our customers.ZIS not only has a robust manufacturing system but also a very strong, local Design and Development (D&D) department to provide quick answers to our customers and reduce the time to market of the new developed products.
Our Products: Electronic Mosquito killer, air fresher and its accessories, electric instruments etc..
Main Markets: North America, Europe, Asia and South America.
-ZIS Manufacturing set up is based on Lean concepts, in order to assure high performance at the lowest possible cost. Only with skilled and highly motivated employees we can successfully face the challenges of a very dynamic sector as ours called Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). For this reason, we created an atmosphere throughout the Company to promote our company’s values (see below) and constantly keep our employees motivated.
-Several years ago we started a Talent Pool Project that is aimed to select and train high potential young Professionals with or without any working experience. The Talent Pool members are the first among all our employees to be considered for promotion and are recognized throughout the organization
-Fast Track is an even more advanced Project, launched from our Italian Head Quarters, and consists in hiring directly from the Universities High Potential Students. Once onboard they’ll embark on a very complete training/couching program tailored on each FT member’s needs. It lasts for 2 years and it’s a complete immersion in our company’s culture, knowhow and values. At the end of the 2 years program they are prepared for taking almost any position in our Organization.
-Company Culture: An important value that is shared among our Managers is recognition. Those employees that are working hard, are not afraid of challenges, that are willing to take extra step to exceed their responsibilities, will be rewarded by the company, in many different ways: Promotion, Outside training, Monetary incentives… In order to consolidate our Teams, we often Organize external or Internal events that involves Team activities, either related to training or just fun, such as sports, dancing or other cultural events to celebrate together special occasions.
几年前,我们开始实行“人才库 ”项目。这个项目主要是挑选和培养一批有或无工作经验,但年轻、具有潜力的员工。 在职位空缺中,人才库里的员工将优先考虑予以提升。
管理培训生是更为高级的项目, 这个项目是由意大利总部发起,坚持直接从高校里挖掘具有高潜力的学生。一旦招募进入公司,他们将获得定制化的完善培训计划,项目培养期将持续两年,让管理培训生们完全融入公司的企业文化、提升专业技能和提升自身价值。两年后,他们将具备能力胜任公司的任何岗位。
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